A Reputation For Excellence In Commercial And Business Litigation

A Reputation For Excellence In Commercial And Business Litigation

Your Firm For Corporate Litigation

Bennett Aiello Kreines LLP has represented shareholders, members, owners, managers, officers, and directors of corporations, general partnerships, limited and limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and other entities organized under Florida law and the laws of foreign states and countries in disputes that involve:

  • Derivative claims by stockholders and other owners
  • Claims for improper dilution of minority interests
  • Valuation of minority interests
  • Judicial dissolution and receivership proceedings involving “deadlocked” entities
  • Conflict of interest claims
  • Officer and director liability claims
  • Securities fraud
  • Accountings

Corporate Governance and Corporate Litigation

We also represent businesses that need assistance in enforcing their rights or complying with their obligations in the corporate governance process. Our lawyers have ensured that requests for records, consents and resolutions are prepared and that meetings of directors and managers are undertaken and documented in a manner that will protect our clients in the event of litigation. When investing in a business, our clients want to make sure that their interests in the business are protected. We are frequently consulted to help negotiate and document advantageous business relationships when a business entity is initially formed.

To find out more about our corporate litigation practice, please contact Bennett Aiello Kreines LLP at 305-358-9011.