A Reputation For Excellence In Commercial And Business Litigation

A Reputation For Excellence In Commercial And Business Litigation

Helping Clients Obtain A Fair Outcome In Will Contests And Probate Disputes

Large estates have a greater tendency to draw conflict. Disputes may arise even if there is an existing estate plan in place, particularly if the will or trust documents were recently modified or beneficiaries were unaware of the planned distribution of assets.

At Bennett Aiello Kreines LLP, we are experienced litigators who understand how to resolve high-stakes disputes involving probate and will contests. While our attorneys are known as aggressive litigators, we are a client-oriented law firm that focuses on superlative service and tailored legal solutions.

Will contests can be complicated legal issues. Emotions may be a factor. Our experienced lawyers can guide you throughout the probate administration or will contest. Whether you are seeking a quick resolution that minimizes internal family conflict, or must protect your legal and financial rights aggressively, we will work diligently to obtain your goals.

Tailored Estate Dispute Resolution Services

Our firm protects beneficiary rights in a variety of estate and probate disputes, including:

  • Will contests
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty involving trusts and estate administration

Pursuing All Avenues To Protect Your Estate And Inheritance

We work diligently to secure inheritances. We are familiar with will contests involving fraud, duress, undue influence and other grounds. If a loved one has been taken advantage of, we will conduct an exhaustive examination of the facts. We will help you obtain expert medical testimony, if applicable.

We also protect the estates of individuals who are alleged to not have the capacity to execute a valid estate plan and in guardianship disputes. As experienced attorneys who also practice corporate litigation we are prepared to handle wills and estates that involve a business concern.

There Are Deadlines To File A Will Contest. Contact Bennett Aiello Today.

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